Buying the plexiglass

The second thing I made was to buy the plexiglass, just the same dimension as the squares. These are the first tries with leds in the squares. The plexiglass still had the plastic protection.


 Probably the plexiglass is one of the most expensive materials to buy (apart from the glass, of course). I think I got this piece for about 35€ (I was lucky the had some cut rests I could use) in a Madrid shop.


~ por mrgalleta en septiembre 13, 2007.

Una respuesta to “Buying the plexiglass”

  1. Hi
    Good work on your table, it has been an inspiration to me after finding it on Youtube.
    A point about the perspex/plexiglass, in future you should look for a local plastics company – I have one local to me and they keep offcuts in stock of all thicknesses, red, tinted, clear etc, and give me perfect plastic sheeting (still protected by the thin plastic covering) for 5 UK pounds, or 6.5 euros to you!
    The last time I went I got a sheet cut to exact size absolutely free from quite a large offcut, and that only cost me £10, or about 13 euros!
    I too am building a kind of daft punk table. But it is blue, and is 6×6 instead of 5×5, but only 1 LED per pixel is needed. I got some diffuser perspex and the LED still shines through it very brightly. I too am going to program some daft punk visuals, but also have 16 fade levels for lots of other functionality, like a Pong game.


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